Standard Hindrances

Hindrances are character flaws and physical handicaps that occasionally make life a little tougher for your hero. Some Hindrances are more or less subjective (such as Overconfident). They’re there to help you roleplay your character, and might even net you more Bennies since the Game Master awards them for properly playing your character. A character may take one Major Hindrance and up to two Minor Hindrances. You’re free to take more if you think they fit your character description, but you don’t get additional points for them.

The List of Hindrances is below, with Name, Major/Minor, and Summary

Hindrance Type Effects
All Thumbs Minor -2 Repair; Roll of 1 causes malfunction
Anemic Minor -2 to Fatigue tests
Arrogant Major Must humiliate opponent, challenge the ‘leader’
Bad Eyes Minor/Major Minor: Wears glasses to adapt, 50% to lose on wound; –2 to attack or notice something more than 5” distant
Bad Luck Major One less Benny per session
Big Mouth Minor Unable to keep a secret, blabs at the worse time
Blind Major –6 to all actions that rely on vision; –2 on social rolls, gain additional Edge
Bloodthirsty Major Never takes prisoners
Cautious Minor Character is overly careful
Clueless Major -2 to most Common Knowledge rolls
Code of Honor Major Character keeps his word and acts like a gentleman
Curious Major Character wants to know about everything
Death Wish Major Hero wants to die after completing some task
Delusional Minor/Major Character suffers from grave delusions
Doubting Thomas Minor Character doesn't believe in the supernatural
Elderly Major Pace -1, -1 to Strength and Vigor die types; +5 skill points for any skill linked to Smarts
Enemy Minor/Major Character has a recurring nemesis of some sort
Greedy Minor/Major Character is obsessed with wealth
Habit Minor/Major Charisma -1; Fatigue rolls when deprived of Major Habits
Hard of Hearing Minor/Major -2 to Notice sounds; automatic failure if completely deaf
Heroic Major Character always helps those in need
Illiterate Minor Hero is unable to read or write
Lame Major -2 Pace and running is a d4
Loyal Minor The hero tries to never betray or disappoint his friends
Mean Minor -2 to his Charisma for ill-temper and surliness
Obese Minor +1 Toughness, -1 Pace, d4 running dice
One Arm Major -4 to tasks requiring two arms
One Eye Major -1 Charisma, -2 to rolls requiring depth perception
One Leg Major -2 Pace, d4 running, -2 to rolls requiring mobility, -2 to Swimming skill
Outsider Minor -2 Charisma, treated badly by those of dominant society
Overconfident Major The hero believes he can do anything
Pacifist Minor/Major

Minor: Character only fights in self-defense.

Major: Character refuses to harm living creatures.

Phobia Minor/Major -2 or -4 to Trait tests when near phobia
Poverty Minor Half starting funds, inability to hang onto future income
Quirk Minor Character has some minor but persistent fobile
Small Major -1 Toughness
Stubborn Minor Hero always wants his way
Ugly Minor -2 Charisma due to appearance
Vengeful Minor/Major Character holds a grudge; will kill as a Major
Vow Minor/Major A pledge to a group, deity, or religion
Wanted Minor/Major The character is a criminal of some sort
Yellow Major The character is a cowardly and suffers -2 to Fear checks
Young Major 3 points for Attributes, 10 skill points, +1 Benny per session


Standard Hindrances

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