Standard Edges

Below is a list of Edges common to most settings. You’ll find more Edges in official Savage Worlds setting books as well. The Edges are grouped by type to help during character creation. Unless an Edge specifically says otherwise, it may only be selected once.

Requirements: Below each Edge are any skills and Rank required to take it. A Novice character can’t buy a Legendary Edge, for instance. A character may always purchase an Edge of a Rank lower than his.

Improved Edges: Some Edges have improved effects if you purchase additional “levels” in them, such as Attractive and Very Attractive, or Rich and Filthy Rich. To buy an Improved Edge, you must have all previous versions of an Edge. You must choose Rich before buying Filthy Rich, for example.

The types of Edges are the following: Background, Combat, Leadership, Professional, Social, Weird, Wild Card, and Legendary Edges.

Background Edges

These Edges are hereditary and background advantages or learned responses that develop in a character after prolonged training or exposure to certain events. Players can choose these Edges after character creation but the Game Master might require a little more rationalization. An individual might choose the Attractive Edge, for example, by cleaning herself up, getting a makeover, and generally paying more attention to her looks. Characters might be able to gain the Arcane Background Edge as well, should they find a book of forbidden knowledge or train under another arcane type in their party.

Edge Req. Rank Required Skills/Edges Effects
Alertness Novice N/A +2 Notice
Ambidextrous Novice Agility d8 Ignore -2 penalty for using off-hand
Attractive Novice Vigor d6 Charisma +2
Very Attractive Novice Attractive Charisma +4
Berserk Novice N/A See Text
Brave Novice Spirit d6 +2 to Fear tests
Brawny Novice Strength, Vigor d6 Toughness +1; load limit is 8x Strength
Rich Novice N/A 3x Starting Funds, 150K Salary
Filthy Rich Novice Rich 5x Starting Funds, 500K Salary
Luck Novice N/A +1 Benny per session
Great Luck Novice Luck +2 Bennies per session
Quick Novice N/A Discard draw of 5 or less for a new card
Fast Healer Novice Vigor d8 +2 to natural healing rolls

Combat Edges

These Edges are designed to help your hero dish out terrible damage—or survive it—in the bloody battles of Savage Worlds.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Block Seasoned Fighting d8 +1 Parry
Improved Block Veteran Block +2 Parry
Brawler Novice Strength d8 +2 to unarmed damage rolls
Bruiser Seasoned Brawler Bonus die to unarmed is d8 instead of d6
Combat Reflexes Seasoned   +2 to recover from being Shaken
Counterattack Seasoned Fighting d8 Recieve free Fighting attack at -2 once per round when a foe fails a Fighting attack
Improved Counterattack Veteran Counterattack As above but ignore the -2 penalty
Dodge Seasoned Agility d8 -1 to be hit with ranged attacks
Improved Dodge Veteran Dodge -2 to be hit with ranged attacks
Elan Novice Spirit d8 +2 when spending a Benny on a Trait roll (including Soak rolls)
Extraction Novice Agility d8 Ignore one foe's free attack when withdrawing from melee with an Agility roll
Improved Extraction Novice Extraction As above. With a raise, no foes get their free melee attack.
First Strike Novice Agility d8 May attack one foe who moves adjacent
Improved First Strike Heroic First Strike May attack every foe who moves adjacent
Florentine Novice Agility, Fighting d8 +1 vs. foes with single weapon and no shield; ignore 1 point of gang up bonus
Frenzy Seasoned Fighting d10 1 extra Fighting attack at -2
Improved Frenzy Veteran Frenzy As above but no penalty
Giant Killer Veteran   +d6 damage when attacking large creatures
Hard to Kill Novice Wild Card, Smarts d8 Ignore wound penalties for Vigor rolls made on the Injury Table
Harder to Kill Veteran Hard to Kill 50% chance of surviving "death"
Improvisational Fighter Seasoned Smarts d6 Ignores usual -1 penalty to attack and Parry for improvised weapon
Killer Instinct Heroic   Wins tied opposed rolls, may reroll opposed skill die if it comes up a "1"
Level Headed Seasoned Smarts d8 Act on the best of two cards in combat
Improved Level Headed Seasoned Level Headed Act on the best of three cards in combat
Marksman Seasoned   Aim maneuver (+2 Shooting) if hero does not move
Martial Artist Novice Fighting d6 Never considered unarmed, +d4 to unarmed damage rolls
Improved Martial Artist Veteran Martial Artist, Fighting d10 +d6 to unarmed damage rolls
Nerves of Steel Novice Wild Card, Vigor d8 Ignore 1 point of wound penalties
Improved Nerves of Steel Novice Nerves of Steel Ignore 2 points of wound penalties
No Mercy Seasoned   May spend Bennies on damage rolls
Quick Draw Novice Agility d8 May draw weapon as a free action
Rock and Roll! Seasoned Shooting d8 Ignore full-auto penalty if shooter doesn't move
Steady Hands Novice Agility d8 Ignore unstable platform penalty; Running penalty reduced to -1
Sweep Novice Strength, Fighting d8 Attack all adjacent foes at -2
Improved Sweep Veteran Sweep As above but without penalty
Trademark Weapon Novice Strength, Shooting or Fighting d10 +1 Fighting or Shooting with particular weapon
Improved Trademark Weapon Veteran Trademark Weapon +2 Fighting or Shooting with particular weapon
Two-Fisted Novice Agility d8 May attack with a weapon in each hand without multi-action penalty

Leadership Edges

Leadership Edges grant bonuses to subordinates, making them more effective, reliable, or durable. These Edges apply only to a number of subordinates within 5” (the “command radius”), and are not cumulative with the same Edge from other leaders. Subordinates may benefit from different Leadership Edges by the same or different leaders.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Command Novice Smarts d6 +1 to troops recovering from being Shaken
Command Presence Novice Command Increases command radius to 10"
Fervor Veteran Command, Spirit d8 +1 Melee Damage to troops in command
Hold the Line! Seasoned Command, Smarts d8 Troops have +1 Toughness
Inspire Seasoned Command +1 to all Spirit Rolls
Leader of Men Veteran Command Roll a d10 as the Wild Die for subordinates' group rolls
Natural Leader Novice Command, Spirit d8 Leader can give Bennies to troops in command
Tactician Seasoned Wildcard, Command, Smarts d8, Knowledge (Battle) d6 Make Knowledge (Battle) roll at beginning of fight to an action card per success and raise; may be given to any allies at any time.

Professional Edges

Professional Edges are very special abilities that reflect many years of practicing a particular trade. In some cases they may also represent special blessings from higher powers as well.

These Edges help you create a character who is far more competent in his chosen field than most others. If you want to make a very effective Mad Scientist, for example, you could combine the Arcane Background (Weird Science) with the Gadgeteer and Mr. Fix It Edges.

Professional Edges represent many years of training so their Requirements are quite high. Players may purchase Professional Edges after character creation, but should usually lead up to it story-wise by practicing the affected trade during down-time or in between adventures. The time spent acquiring one of these abilities is subjective and up to the Game Master, but makes the game much more believable if a little narrative time is spent training.

Stacking: Bonuses to the same Trait from different Professional Edges do not stack. If you make a hero with both the Woodsman and the Thief Edges, for example, he gains +2 to his Stealth skill, not +4.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Ace Novice Agility d8 +2 to Boating, Driving, Piloting; may make soak rolls for vehicle at -2
Acrobat Novice Agility d8, Strength d6 +2 to nimbleness-based Agility rolls; +1 Parry if unencumbered
Assassin Novice Agility, Stealth d8; Climbing, Fighting d6 +2 to damage when striking a foe unawares
Investigator Novice Smarts, Investigation, Streetwise d8 +2 Investigation and Streetwise
Jack-of-All-Trades Novice Smarts d10 No penalty for unskilled Smarts-based tests
McGyver Novice Notice d8; Smarts, Repair d6 May improvise temporary gadgets
Mr. Fix It Novice Smarts d10; Repair d8, two scientific Knowledge Skills d6 +2 to Repair rolls, 1/2 repair time with raise
Scholar Novice d8 in any 2 Knowledge Skills +2 to two different Knowledge Skills
Thief Novice Agility, Stealth d8; Climbing, Lockpicking d6 +2 to Climbing, Lockpicking, Stealth, or to disarm traps
Woodsman Novice Survival, Tracking d8; Spirit d6 +2 to Tracking, Survival, and Stealth

Social Edges

Getting people to do what you want is a critical skill in most any setting. These Edges help your hero do just that.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Charismatic Novice Spirit d8 Charisma +2
Common Bond Novice Wild Card, Spirit d8 May give Bennies to companions
Connections Novice   Call Powerful Friends
Strong Willed Novice Intimidation, Taunt d6 +2 Intimidation and Taunt, +2 to resist Tests of Will

Weird Edges

Weird Edges are slightly supernatural and only appropriate in games with those elements.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Beast Bond Novice N/A May spend Bennies for animal companions
Beast Master Novice Spirit d8 Gain an animal companion
Danger Sense Novice N/A Notice at -2 to detect surprise attacks/danger
Healer Novice Spirit d8 +2 Healing
Liquid Courage Novice Vigor d8 Gain Vigor die type after imbibing at least 8 oz of alcohol
Scavenger Novice Luck Find an essential piece of equipment once per session

Wild Card Edges

The following Edges work only when the character is dealt a Joker during combat. The Edge’s effects are in addition to the usual effects of being dealt a Joker.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Dead Shot Seasoned Wild Card, Shooting/Throwing d10 Double Ranged damage when dealt Joker
Mighty Blow Seasoned Wild Card, Fighting d10 Double Melee damage when dealt Joker

Legendary Edges

Most Legendary Edges are very specific to their campaign world—such as gaining a stronghold or divine favor—but a few fit most anywhere, as shown below.

Edges Req. Rank Req. Skills and Edges Effects
Followers Legendary Wild Card Attract 5 henchmen
Martial Arts Master Legendary Improved Martial Arts, Fighting d12 +2 to unarmed damage rolls; may take this Edge up to five times
Professional Legendary d12 in affected Trait Trait becomes d12+1
Expert Legendary Professional in affected Trait Trait becomes d12+2
Master Legendary Wild Card, Expert in affected Trait Wild Die is d10 for one trait
Sidekick Legendary Wild Card Character gets a Novice WC sidekick
Tough as Nails Legendary N/A Toughness +1
Improved Tough as Nails Legendary Tough as Nails Toughness +2
Weapons Master Legendary Fighting d12 Parry +1
Master of Arms Legendary Weapons Master Parry +2

Standard Edges

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