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Character Creation

In terms of a backstory, there are two things that are truly needed. What you did before you encountered the supernatural, and what happened when you encountered your first monster. The more the better information that the GM is able to include this information in the plot of the story.

An editable sheet of Savage World Rift can be found at

This sheet will be available to be used until MHI has its own Savage World Character Sheet, at which point, it will be replaced.

For all below traits, each increase in a trait, increases the die, this system uses d4, d6, d8, d10, d12. An increase in any trait moves it forward one die along this track.

First thing to stat for a character is Attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor. Each starts as a d4. Using one point increase it by one die. Each player starts with 5 points for attributes. A list of what each attribute does is linked below.

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Next up is skills. Players have 15 points to spend on skills. Each skill is linked to one of the above attributes. Each skill costs 1 point up to the type of die of the linked attribute. After that, it costs 2 points to increase it further than the linked attribute. For any roll involving an "unskilled" Skill, the roll is calculated as a d4-2. A list of standard skills is linked below.

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Next part of character creation is Edges and Hindrances. These are what makes your character stand out. Each character gets one free Edge with creation, with the restriction that you must match all requirements of the Edge. The list of Edges is linked below.

(Insert Edges Link Here)

Hindrances are optional, however, they allow you to add additional points into your character's build. Hindrances are divided into two categories, Major and Minor. Minor Hindrances will provide a single point, and Major Hindrances will provide two. The list of Hindrances is linked below.

(Insert Hindrances Link Here)

Players may select up to two Minor Hindrances and one Major Hindrance for a total of four extra points. The points may be spent in the following ways.

For 2 Points:

  • Gain another attribute point
  • Gain an additional Edge

For 1 Point:

  • Gain another skill point
  • Increase your starting monetary funds by 100%

In terms of the other stats to consider, there is Pace, Parry, Toughness, Charisma, and Encumbrance. These stats are influenced by the above choices in stats as calculated below.

Pace: Default is 6 for humans. Determines how far your character moves in a standard combat round. Humans walk 6" (6 inches = 12 yards). Players may also move for an additional 1d6 inches if they elect to run.

Parry: Default is 2. Parry is equal to 2 plus half of your characters Fighting Skill, plus any bonuses for armor/shield/weapon that is equipped. This is the TN (Target Number) required to hit you in hand-to-hand combat.

Toughness: Default is 2. Toughness is equal to 2 plus half of your characters Vigor Attribute, plus any armor placed on the Torso.

Charisma: Default is 0. Charisma can only be changed by Edges and Hindrances. It is the measure of your character's appearance, manners, and general likability. Normally added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls, it is also used by the GM to determine how much a NPC will respond to the players.

Encumbrance: Default is five times his strength die type. This determines how much your character can carry. If your strength is d8, character can carry 40 pounds. Characters take a -1 for each multiple of that to Strength or Agility rolls, as well as the skills those attributes are based on, up to -3.

Newbie Information

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